endura MRL allows architects to incorporate elevators into their design without worrying about a machine room, controller access or weight and capacity restrictions. You no longer need a machine room - the pump unit is located in the elevator pit. And since the controller is cleverly located in the elevator door jamb, you don't have to reserve space for access to it either. Now, you really do have more space to work with.


We really mean room-less

Space Simplified

The controller and disconnects are located in the elevator door jamb giving you the freedom to use the space around your elevator for anything other than elevator equipment.

We also take on the burden of wiring and providing disconnects and the coordination involved during construction. You just need to provide permanent power and a hoistway and we'll do the rest.

The door jamb housing also means easier accessibility for maintaining your elevator in the future.

We help you free up your schedule

It Simply Fits

By moving the pump unit to the hoistway you eliminate the coordination of oil lines and electrical conduit throughout the building.

The compact and enviromentally-friendly pump unit fits snugly in the elevator pit and improves ride quality.

  • The electronic valve is virtually adjustment-free allowing for improved leveling accuracy.
  • Special sound deadening in the tank and under the lid ensures a quiet ride.
  • The use of enviromax™, the elevator industry's first vegetable-based performance improving hydraulic fluid removes the chance of unpleasant odors.

We give you Options

Lifting Simplified

Hydraulic jacks make lifting heavy loads simple with pressure and force. Unlike more complicated traction MRL elevators, they don't rely on sheaves, ropes, counterweights, governors and electronic motors.

The ability to lift larger loads gives you the freedom to design with finishes and options like high cabs, glass and over-sized doors.

Conserving Money and Energy

A Simple Idea

A little lighting can have a big impact on energy use. The endura MRL features mercury-free LED lighting that last up to 50,000 hours. It also comes standard with lights and cab fan that turn off when they are not in use. Because who wants to pay for lighting and ventilation for elevators that are sitting idle all night and weekend long?

95% Petroleum-free and 100% Recyclable

Simply Less Impact

Now you can make the best environmental choice for your project and have the data to back it up. The endura MRL, like all new ThyssenKrupp Elevator products is supported by a life cycle analysis and costing study.

It also features:

  • Standard elevator cabs that meet California's Section 01350 criteria for low VOC emissions that have been validated by UL.
  • enviromax™, the elevator industry's first perfomance-improving vegetable-based hydraulic fluid.
  • A Health Product Declaration (HPD) for the cab, which provides complete ingredient transparency.

Fits anywhere you want it

Simply What You Need

Maximize building space and design freedom with the endura MRL the industry's first truly machine room-less elevator.

Because why buy more than you'll ever use?